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A. Cooks rice super easily. All you need to do is turn off the heat when steam rises from the hole in the lid, and it’s ready!
B. With its special materials, it has an astonishing heat-retention effect. Perfect for simmered dishes. Even when you take it off the heat and bring it to the table, it keeps simmering away.
C. Not just rice. It’s also the ultimate tool for baking bread!!


For MOE, who had been using a clay pot instead of a rice cooker, this Donabe is her ultimate kitchen tool. You’ll be amazed at how delicious rice can be cooked so easily without worrying about controlling the heat. Additionally, simmered dishes are quick and easy. If there are leftovers, just remove the lid and put it in the refrigerator. The next day, simply reheat it in the microwave and place it on the table. It’s a tool you can use every day without hiding it in the back of the kitchen. Once you’ve experienced it, it becomes an indispensable ally for homecooks. *remove both lids when using microwave

❸ WHY? 

It has twice the thickness of a regular clay pot, making it perfect for heat-retention cooking. It’s durable against direct flames which makes it suitable for open flame cooking. It can also be used directly in the microwave, oven, and on an electric coil stove. It’s made without lead or cadmium, ensuring safety and peace of mind regarding materials. *remove both lids when using microwave

❹Things you can make with Donabe

We are plannng to introduce other dishes in online cooking classes as well.
Please feel free to check them out too. (

❺How to cook rice

1: Measure rice with the wooden Japanese traditional rice measuring cup (1full cup = 5.3oz). Rinse the rice in a bowl or use the clay pot. Then, drain the water. Transfer the rice into a clay pot.
2: Fill the water to the level of the water scale on the inside of the pot according to the amount of rice that you are cooking (Ex. 2cups = Second line). If you do not have the wooden Japanese rice measuring cup, add 200ml (6.8oz) of water to 150 g (5.3oz) of rice.
3: After soaking the rice for at least 20minutes, place the pot over medium to high heat.(A flame the same size as the bottom of the pot)
4: Leave the lid on the pot until it comes to a boil (Steam will start to come out from the lid opening). Turn off the heat.
5: Let the rice steam in the pot for about 10-15minutes.

❻What’s in the Kimono Mom DONABE BOX

Comes with a lid, intermediate lid, clay pot body, masu (measuring cup), Kimono Mom hand towel, exclusive video for purchasers (link), (Current Campaign! The package is a simple box secured with Kimono Mom tape, just like last time. High-recyclability cardboard packaging materials. With heartfelt care, a fragile seal is included.

❼Precautions for use

・Please do not use for deep-frying or frying, such as tempura.
・When placing the pot on a table or similar surface, please use a pot stand.
・When using a microwave, please remove the intermediate lid and top lid.
・To avoid burns or injuries, use pot holders or similar when touching the heated pot, and be cautious of steam from the lid hole.
・To prevent mold and odors, make sure to thoroughly dry the pot after use.


Q. What should I do before using it for the first time?
A. There’s nothing special to do. While conventional clay pots require a preparation process called ‘Medome/filtering,’ Kimono Mom DONABE does not require this step. You can use it as it is. (Normally, due to the nature of the materials, conventional clay pots have small holes that should be filled with starch from rice or wheat, sealing the holes before use. This is a common practice to tighten the clay and prevent water leakage or cracking.)

Q. Can I purchase it outside of the online store?
A. It will be available for a limited time at Kimono Mom Store (Komaba, TOKYO). Information about the limited opening dates can be found here.(

Q. Will it crack or break?
A. Kimono Mom DONABE has double the thickness of a regular pot, but it is still made of ceramic. We will ensure the best packaging for delivery, but if it arrives cracked or with any fissures, please contact Kimono Mom Store immediately.

Our Kimono Mom team will address the issue promptly. (

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