Please let us know if you are coming to Tokyo and willing to visit Kimono Mom Store šŸ 

If you already know your dates, please let us know so we can adjust the dates fromĀ here! (Sooner the better!)


<Our open dates for September and October>

JustĀ signingĀ upĀ theĀ form,Ā youĀ areĀ settledĀ forĀ theĀ visitĀ āœØ

9/22Ā  Ā  1pm- 4:30pm (maybe MOE)

9/28Ā  Ā  1pm-4pm *MOE will be there!

10/1Ā  Ā  2pm-5pm *MOE will be there! –our first time opening on weekendā˜ŗļø–

10/5Ā  Ā  1pm-4pm *MOE will be there!


From September, UMAMI sauce will only be available at the store at the moment!!

We can’t wait to see you hereāœØ

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This is how Kimono Mom Store was made..!

ā†’Ā Ā Move into Old Japanese House

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