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Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

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Online Tea Ceremony Experience

Date and Time: October 30, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Japan Time)

Guest: Yuki Okamoto, The incoming 10th generation grand tea master
Host: MOE Kimono Mom
Interpretor: Erika

How to Participate:
You must be a member of the Kimonoko Club (YouTube membership) at the Matcha level or higher!
The event will be held via live-stream on YouTube.

If you can’t join the live stream, you can still watch the video at any time if you are a member of Kimonoko Club’s Matcha level or above.


Kimonoko Club will be hosting a variety of cultural online events!
・Seasonal Japanese cooking classes in November (holiday-inspired platters for entertaining)
・In December-January, Join us with Japanese way of New Year’s Eve celebration!

Want to witness how Moe selects kimonos or explore traditional craftsmanship? Kimonoko club is open to requests and ideas! Please join the Kimonoko Club (YouTube Membership) and share your thoughts with us!
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