Please let us know if you are coming to Tokyo and willing to visit Kimono Mom Store 🏠 here!

So we can try our best to adjust the dates for you. (Sooner the better!)


UMAMI SAUCE is available at the store in Tokyo!!


It is now available at Amazon US !!!

Donabe and exclusive items are also available at the store in Tokyo!

(It is a small store, please understand if we do not have your desired items)

*no reservations required unless it’s written to do so

<Open dates for April>

4/2  10am-12pm

4/9 10am-12pm

4/17 10pm-12pm

4/12  10pm-12pm

*More dates may be announced later!

We can’t wait to see you in person✨

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Please note that MOE and SUTAN are not promised to be present at the store.


This is how Kimono Mom Store was made..!

→  Move into Old Japanese House (YouTube)

Kimono Mom Store  Google Map
〒153−0041東京都 目黒区 駒場1丁目-23-5-101

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