🇺🇸 March 13-16:”Natural Products Expo West 2024″, Anaheim, CA
March 16:       Irvine Farmers Market x chafinity , Irvine, CA

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🇸🇬May 25:    Garden Vibes 10am ~ 1pm Meet MOE at Farmers Market
May 26:   “Kimono Mom x RAPPU! Lunch&Dinner”
May 28:   IROHA Mart  1pm ~ 3pm

🇯🇵 June 8:           UMAMI Vegan Burger, Tokyo x OIZUMI KOJO

🇺🇸 June 22:         Restaurants collaboration, New York
June 23-25:  “Summer Fancy Food Show”, New York
June 29-30:   Matcha latte at farmers market x chafinity Irvine & Mar Vista

🇯🇵 July 24-30:   Pop up store at ISERAN SALONE Tokyo (Roppongi)

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