KM Donabe Campaign! ROUND 2!!!!!! Win a trip to Japan!!! 

ANA × Kimono Mom!

<what it contains>

•Round trip to Japan (ANA flights)

•Kimono Mom will take you on a trip!!!

For more details, please watch this videoWe Invited a Kimonoko Family to Japan!on my YouTube channel😊🙏
They are the 1st winner from our last same event!

Apply Form by July 15th→ here

📣Purchasers of the Kimono Mom Donabe can apply again based on the number of Donabes they have purchased.
(The email address used at the time of purchase is required.Previous purchasers are also eligible)
*Winners will be chosen randomly
*This campaign is intended for those not residing in Japan

Get your Donabe 👍 About Kimono Mom Donabe

✈️Thank you, ANA, for making this dream project possible!!🥹 @ana.japan@allnipponairways

Be sure to join this! We look forward to seeing you in Japan👋👋❤️‍🔥

*By submitting this form, you agree that you have read the terms below.
*The chosen winner will be contacted by email so please double check you have entered your details correctly!
*Part of your trip will be filmed for posted content.
*The transportation expenses to the nearby airport for ANA are at your own expense.
*Additional surcharges are not included, to be paid through bank transfers beforehand.

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