Get to know this geisha turned full-time mother and vlogger [MANILA BULLETIN]

The Kimono Mom is more than just your ordinary momma

It was about a year ago when Filipino YouTuber Paolo de Guzman posted a video on A Day in The Life of a Japanese Mother and Baby in Tokyo. The mother and child duo on that video garnered about 12 million views and almost 30,000 compliment-filled comments.

But Moe, the youthful 30-year-old Kyoto-raised mother based in Tokyo, has a story that’s beyond your typical mommy journey. She’s a unique woman of culture who once lived the secretive life of a Japanese geisha. Recently, she’s opened up to the culture of sharing the experiences of a full-time Japanese mother on her YouTube channel Kimono Mom, with over 700 thousand subscribers… Read more.

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